Living Well at ITW

Participating in the Living Well at ITW Program is one of the best things you can do for yourself, both now and in the future.

Wellness Program

Take advantage of the wellness program by completing a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), working with a health coach, getting involved in wellness activities at your work location and exploring all the features of the WebMD ONE portal, including:

  • A personalized dashboard
  • Challenges
  • Goal tracking
  • Device syncing to make activity tracking a breeze

You’ll save money on your 2023 medical premiums and earn points for each activity you complete, giving you more chances to win prizes in the end-of-year raffle.


Gateway Activities

Complete a 10-minute Personal Health Assessment (PHA) by September 30, 2022, to learn about your health and be eligible for reduced premiums in 2023. If your spouse/domestic partner is enrolled in an ITW medical plan as of June 1, 2022, they should also complete a PHA by September 30, 2022. You’ll answer questions about your health, habits and activities, and find areas that may need improvement or are considered at risk. You’ll also be eligible for the wellness incentive drawing at the end of the year.

You must also complete the employee Health Screening by September 30, 2022, to learn your numbers and track your year-over-year progress. You have three options to complete your screening:

1. Onsite screening. There are free, onsite health screenings at select ITW locations. Check with your HR representative or Wellness Champion to see if an onsite screening will be offered at your location.

2. Your doctor. Download the Health Care Provider Form from the WebMD ONE portal to complete with your doctor.

3. Lab appointment. Schedule a Quest lab appointment on the WebMD ONE portal.

Note: Spouses/domestic partners do not need to complete a Health Screening.

Healthy Actions Activities

It’s easy to earn points by making healthy decisions. The more activities you complete, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the better your chance of winning prizes in the Living Well at ITW raffle, which includes gift cards and free 2023 medical premiums. You and your spouse/domestic partner can earn up to 20 points each.

Complete Healthy Actions activities by November 30, 2022, for a chance to win.

2022 ActivitiesWhat to DoPoints Earned
Body Mass Index (BMI) Health ValueHave a BMI value in the healthy range of 18.5–24.9 or show a 5% weight loss since your health screening from the previous year2
COVID-19 VaccinationSelf-report your completed vaccination1
Daily HabitsComplete small individual challenges to work toward your goals one day at a time. Set goals and see your progress right from your phone.2 per challenge (8 maximum)
Phone CoachingComplete a call with a health coach to develop a plan tailored to you2 per call (8 maximum)
Life Assistance ProgramCheck out the Life Assistance Program1
VolunteerDonate your time to an organization of your choice and get rewarded1
Invitational Steps ChallengeTrack your steps for 5 of 7 days per week for 5 weeks2
WW (Weight Watchers)Enroll in the program for 3 months or more to reach your weight loss goals and improve your overall health. ITW offers discounted pricing.1
Onsite ActivitiesParticipate in wellness activities at your work location, including challenges, lunch and learns, mindfulness activities, sponsored community walks/runs and exercise classes1 each (2 maximum per activity)

Note: Spouses/domestic partners are not eligible to earn points for completing a health screening, BMI health value or onsite activities.

To Learn More and Access the WebMD ONE Portal

Register your Living Well at ITW account to access the new WebMD ONE portal that will be personalized to your goals, interests and lifestyle.

  • Employees can log on to ITW Employee Self-Service and click on the Wellness icon under the Benefit Provider Websites dropdown. To create an account, you’ll need to enter a registration ID (your seven-digit Employee ID), create a username and password, then enter your date of birth and email address. Accept the terms and conditions, then click “GO.”
  • Spouses/domestic partners can go to and select “CREATE ACCOUNT” to begin the registration process. You’ll need to enter your registration ID, create a username and password, then enter your date of birth and email address. Accept the terms and conditions, then click “GO.” Your registration ID is a combination of your spouse/domestic partner’s seven-digit Employee ID and your date of birth. For example:

    • Your spouse/domestic partner’s Employee ID is 0123456.
    • Your date of birth is January 1, 1990.
    • Your registration ID will be 012345601011990.
  • Both employees and spouses/domestic partners can check out the 2022 Living Well at ITW Guide and the wellness video for more information.

Managing Health Care Costs

You and ITW share the cost of health care benefits — and the responsibility for managing costs. Living Well at ITW can help you be the healthiest you can be, which ultimately will mean lower costs for you and for ITW.

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