Taking care of your vision health is important — especially if you need eyeglasses or contact lenses. The ITW Vision Plan, administered by VSP, offers an extensive network of vision care providers, an annual vision exam and coverage for prescription glasses or contact lenses.

How the Plan Works

You can go to any vision care provider you want, but you will pay less if you go to a VSP provider.

What You Pay When You Need Care

 In-Network Providers
Eye Exams
Once Per Calendar YearNo cost to you
Retinal Screening
Once Per Calendar Year$20 copayment
Prescription Glasses
Once Per Calendar Year$20 copayment
(or use the frame allowance for ready-to-wear, non-prescription blue light filtering glasses or non-prescription sunglasses)
Amount over the $175 allowance for a wide selection of frames

Amount over the $225 allowance for featured frame brands

Amount over the $95 Costco, Sam's and Walmart frame allowance
(The frame allowance is lower at these locations due to the already discounted pricing.)

20% savings on the amount over your allowance
(single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal lenses; polycarbonate lenses for dependent children)
Included in $20 prescription glasses copayment
Lens Enhancements
(tints, scratch resistant coating and standard progressive lenses)
Included in $20 prescription glasses copayment
Contact Lenses (instead of glasses)
Once Per Calendar YearAmount over the $175 allowance for contacts
Lens Exam
(fitting and evaluation)
Amount over $40 allowance

Is the ITW Vision Plan Right for Me?

You should consider enrolling in the ITW Vision Plan if you or a covered family member needs glasses or contact lenses. Keep in mind that the ITW medical plans include free eye exams, so if preventive care exams are all you need, the cost of coverage for the ITW Vision Plan might not be worth it.

However, with VSP LightCare, if you are enrolled in the ITW Vision Plan and don’t need prescription glasses or contacts, you can use the frame allowance for ready-to-wear, non-prescription blue light filtering glasses or non-prescription sunglasses (instead of prescription eyewear) — both with blue light defense baked right into the lenses.

What You Pay to Have Coverage

Here are the 2022 biweekly payroll deductions for coverage.

Employee Only$3.52
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$7.02
Employee + Child(ren)$7.50
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