Life Assistance Program

We all face challenges related to family, life and work — now more than ever. Whatever the situation, big or small, you can turn to the Life Assistance Program for answers.

Program Overview

The Life Assistance Program provides free, confidential support for anything life throws your way. Whether you’re coping with stress related to the pandemic or world events, or seeking relationship support, financial or legal advice, a child care provider or help managing a crisis, the Life Assistance Program is available anytime, day or night.

Who It’s For

  • Employees: All ITW employees, whether enrolled in benefits or not
  • Household members: All individuals in your household, including your spouse/domestic partner, kids, parents, roommates and other family members

Use It When You Need a Helping Hand

The Life Assistance Program supports you with a variety of life’s issues.

Emotional/Behavioral Issues Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, substance misuse, coping with impacts of COVID-19
RelationshipsMarital, family, children, co-workers
CaregivingChild care, elder care
Work IssuesWorking remotely, managing people, job performance
Wellness, Health and Fitness NeedsWeight loss, insomnia/sleep issues, medical conditions
Financial MattersDiscounts, budgeting, retirement planning
Educational Needs Tutoring, continuing education, extracurricular activities, financial aid, scholarships
Legal Matters Taxes, wills, powers of attorney, personal property
Identity Theft ResolutionCredit rating, protective measures

Services and Resources

The Life Assistance Program offers free, confidential services and resources to help with emotional, legal, financial, family and work/life issues — as well as immediate assistance in a crisis.

Calm the chaos in your life with Work-Life Web Services. Visit the LifeCare Resource Center (login required) for webinars, information and resources on adult care and aging, child care and parenting, education, COVID-19 and more. Find local community services and national hotlines, websites and support groups.

We could all use a little help achieving our goals from time to time. Connect with a dedicated coach who will work with you to create an action plan to reach your goals related to stress, parenting, weight loss, lack of sleep and more. Coaches include master’s-level licensed clinicians, registered dietitians and certified health coaches. Schedule unlimited appointments by phone or video at times that work best for your schedule.

Life can be hard, and it’s important to know it’s OK to reach out for help. Get up to three free counseling sessions per person per issue each year. Meet with a counselor in the way you feel most comfortable — by phone, in person, online or via text. Licensed counselors can help you deal with stress, anxiety, grief, marital/family relationship concerns, parenting issues, substance misuse and more. Visit to learn how to register.

When establishing a relationship with a provider (Magellan Ascend can help you choose one), make sure he or she is in your medical plan’s network. Once you’ve used your three free sessions, you can continue seeing your in-network provider, with visits covered under your medical plan with an office visit copayment.

You can get one free 60-minute legal consultation per person per issue each year by phone or face-to-face with an attorney for assistance with a wide range of legal issues. You’ll receive a 25% discount on services beyond the initial consultation. You also have access to the Legal Forms Library containing forms on topics like bankruptcy, consumer protection, immigration and citizenship, powers of attorney, taxes and audits, and wills.

You can get two free 30-minute consultations with a financial coach per person per issue each year. You’ll receive discounted services if you continue working with your financial coach beyond the two free consultations. Get advice for repaying student loans, planning for retirement, budgeting, getting out of debt and more. Visit the Financial Library for additional tools and resources.

If you’re ever the victim of identity theft, call the Life Assistance Program immediately. You can get a free one-hour consultation with a Fraud Resolution Specialist who will provide you with an Emergency Response Kit, walk you through the emergency actions you need to take, answer questions and help you resolve the situation.

myStrength can help with common concerns, from managing stress, anxiety and depression to improving sleep and mindfulness. myStrength provides support through personalized and self-directed programs, in-app coaching, uplifting stories, videos and daily inspiration. To get started, click Self-Care Programs in the Explore section of the Magellan Ascend website.

Everyone loves a good deal! Through the LifeMart Discount Center, you can get exclusive savings on big purchases like cars, tickets, electronics and vacations. You can also save on everyday expenses like groceries, child care, dining and more.

To get started, create an account on If you’re prompted to log in to the LifeMart Discount Center, enter your Magellan Ascend username and password. For savings on the go, download the LifeMart app.

Virtual Therapy

In addition to in-person counseling described above, you can also meet with a therapist virtually from BetterHelp — through phone, video, text or chat. So if an office visit isn’t your thing, let help come to you and members of your household. Call 1.800.424.4894 to connect with a provider within 24 hours.

Myths and Facts

Make sure you understand the facts about the Life Assistance Program so you can fully take advantage of all the useful resources it offers. Click each myth to learn the facts.


It’s only for serious issues or a crisis.


No issue is too small. You can find help with daily tasks, complex issues and everything in between.


If I call, I’ll have to commit to in-person therapy.


You don’t have to commit to any kind of therapy, counseling or coaching. There are lots of other tools and resources to support you.


The program is only for employees.


All members of your household can use the program.


The company will know who uses the program and why.


The program is a confidential service administered by a third party.


I have to be enrolled in an ITW medical plan to use the program.


The program is available to all ITW employees and members of their household.


I have to register on the Life Assistance Program website to participate.


You don’t have to log in to access a lot of the program’s online resources. You do need to log in for some activities, like registering for counseling sessions and finding discounts.

How to Use It

You have two ways to get help through the Life Assistance Program to feel Supported. Your way.

  • By phone: Call 1.800.424.4894 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your call will be answered by a licensed clinician who will listen and provide in-the-moment help. If needed, they can connect you to other available resources such as coaching, counseling or online information. Sometimes, they can even provide the help you need in one call. (While there’s a three-visit maximum for counseling, there’s no limit on calls to the Life Assistance Program.)
  • Online: Visit Click Find My Company | Log In and enter ITW in the Company Name box. Or log on to ITW Employee Self-Service and click the Life Assistance Program icon. You can chat live with a representative Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Central time. You can use many Life Assistance Program resources without logging in. If you want to create an account, enter ITW as the Company Name and provide an email address (work or personal) and a password.
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