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ITW 401(k) Retirement Plan

Explore the features of the ITW 401(k) Retirement Plan, which can help you save for life your way.

Compare Your 401(k) Contribution Options

See how the contribution options compare.

Decide How You Want to Contribute

Get information to help you choose the best way to save to meet your needs and financial goals in retirement.

Choose How to Invest

Check out the two investment approaches available to you.

Get the Full Match

ITW provides a generous matching contribution to your 401(k) account. When you contribute up to a total of 6% of your annual eligible pay, ITW matches your contributions based on the following schedule. This applies whether your contributions are before-tax, Roth, after-tax or a combination of the three. To maximize the ITW matching contribution, be sure your annual before-tax, Roth and/or after-tax contributions total 6% of your annual eligible pay.

If you’re saving less than 10%, we’ll automatically increase your contributions in January. We’ll bring you to 6% if you aren’t there now. If you already contribute at least 6% (but less than 10%), your contributions will increase by 1%. You can always opt out of these increases.

ContributionsGroup 1
(Generally Hired Before January 1, 2007)
Group 2
(Hired or Acquired After December 31, 2006)
ITW Matching Contribution3.5%4.5%
ITW Retirement ContributionPension contribution401(k) Retirement contribution

To find out more about the plans, log on to ITW Employee Self-Service and look for the 401(k) Retirement Plan or Pension Plan icons under the Benefit Provider Websites dropdown.

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