When investing the money in your 401(k) account, you can choose one of two approaches: Select a Target Retirement Fund that’s monitored by our professional fund managers or build your own portfolio from our investment options.

We Build It: Target Retirement Funds

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to worry about regularly monitoring your portfolio, select the Target Retirement Fund with the year closest to when you plan to withdraw the funds. Then, a professional investment manager directs the investment mix for you to meet your savings time horizon.

Target Retirement Fund Choices

  • Retirement Fund (for those participants in or near retirement)
  • 2025 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2030 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2035 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2040 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2045 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2050 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2055 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2060 Target Retirement Fund
  • 2065 Target Retirement Fund

Default Option

The Target Retirement Funds are the ITW 401(k) Retirement Plan’s default investment option. If you don’t select an investment path or if you’re automatically enrolled, your account will automatically be invested in the Target Retirement Fund nearest to the year in which you turn age 65.

You Build It: Your Own Mix of Funds

If you have the time, feel confident making investment decisions and can regularly monitor your portfolio, then consider this approach. You choose your own mix from all of the investment funds available in the Plan, including the Core Investment Funds and the Target Retirement Funds. In addition, if you want to invest in the ITW Common Stock Fund, you can choose to do that, too.

Core Investment Fund Choices

Fund Name (Asset Class)

  • Stable Asset Fund (Capital Preservation)
  • Diversified Bond Fund (Bond)
  • Large Company U.S. Stock Fund (Large Cap)
  • Mid and Small Company U.S. Stock Fund (Small Cap)
  • Diversified Foreign Stock Fund (International)
  • ITW Common Stock Fund (Stock)

Learn More

Before you choose an investment approach, log on to ITW Employee Self-Service, then click on the 401(k) Retirement Plan icon to learn more about your investment choices and read the individual fund fact sheets.

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